Employment Law in the Time of Trump

Welcome!  This is a new blog, on my (relatively) new Web site, from my (relatively) new office.

My goal is to provide information about employment law — particularly in Colorado — and about the new Trump Administration, which is now only ten days old.  If you want to read only employment law posts, you can click on the “Employment Law” tab.  If you want to read only posts about the Trump administration, you can choose that option.  Or you can choose to read both.

You can relax if you’re feeling inundated by information about the Trump Administration.  Many of us feel the same way.  I will try to focus on developments, in the time of Trump, that deal or relate in some way to employment law.  If you want to read more about the Administration, whether you support or oppose it, there are plenty of outlets for you to get that information.

In addition, I will try to provide a quote of the day whenever possible.  You can read just those posts, if you don’t care to read anything else.

A famous quote, which is supposed to be a Chinese curse, is: “May you live in interesting times.”  That might not be an actual curse, but the quote does fit the times.  May we survive the next four years.