Barry D. Roseman

For more than 40 years, I have been fighting to advance the rights of working people in the courts, in administrative agencies and in the legislature. I have gone against corporations, large and small, as well as federal, state and local government entities.

I am one of the founders of the National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA) and of its Colorado affiliate, the Plaintiff Employment Lawyers Association (PELA). I have served on NELA’s executive board, as a vice president of that organization and as an active member of its Legislative and Public Policy Committee and its Judicial Nominations Committee.  I have chaired the PELA executive board and the organization’s Legislative Committee. I have written or co-authored numerous amicus briefs for both organizations.


That work has included:

  • Claims of employment discrimination, including claims of race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability and religious discrimination;
  • Wrongful termination of employment;
  • Whistleblower claims;
  • Family and Medical Leave Act cases;
  • Fraud and breach of contract claims;
  • Representation of public employees; and
  • Representation of labor unions and union members.

My core philosophy is that individual employees are entitled to quality representation, without getting ripped off. That means giving every client and prospective client my honest opinion about their case, whether they like what I say or not. And if I take on a case, that means vigorous, ethical representation of that client’s interests until the case is completed. Every client deserves nothing less.

Give me a call or send me an e-mail. We can talk over the phone and, if your situation warrants it, can meet in person. I will give you my straight, no-BS opinion about your case. I will try to get your employment resolved without court proceedings if that can be done. If that is not possible, I am prepared to litigate your case in the appropriate forum.

Practice Areas

Contract Claims

Some employees have signed contracts with their employers, or are beneficiaries of contracts such as a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) ...

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Disability Discrimination

There are special rules for disability discrimination cases. They begin with the definition of a “disability.” A plaintiff has a ...

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Discrimination Procedures

With one possible exception – claims of race discrimination – a person who wishes to pursue a claim of employment ...

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Discrimination Remedies

The remedies – that is, what a judge or jury can decide to award to a prevailing plaintiff – are ...

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Employment Discrimination

Both federal and, in Colorado, state law prohibit employment discrimination and retaliation based on an employee’s or job applicant’s race, ...

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FMLA Claims

The federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requires employers that are subject to that statute to provide up to ...

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Fraud Claims

A claim of fraud can be based on an employer’s misrepresentation(s) of fact and, under some circumstances, about future events. ...

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Hostile Work Environment

One of form of harassment in violation of federal and state anti-discrimination laws arises when an employer creates or allows ...

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Public Employees

Employees of the federal government, State government and local government may be protected from arbitrary discharge by statutes that require ...

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Test Page

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Union Members

Most labor unions have entered into collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) with employers of those unions’ members. Generally, those CBAs require ...

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Whistleblower Claims

Federal and state law protect whistleblowers in some, but not all, situations. It is difficult to make general statements about ...

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Wrongful Discharge

The term “wrongful discharge” can refer to a variety of legal claims. At its core, however, that term generally refers ...

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